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Our Success Stories

Expertise of more than 15 years with Magento with a proven track record of successful achievement


A new take on femininity, sensual and not cliché: when a woman is wearing Rouje, we notice her first, then what she’s wearing.


Influences from the 70s, 80s and 90s: Swildens’ identity is at once bohemian and chic, rock and classic


Lou Yetu is a fine jewelry brand inspired by the elegant singularity of simple geometrical forms and shapes found in nature.

Defend Paris

Radical, provocative street wear brand that is all about carrying human rights messages.

Antik Batik

Natural materials meet an amalgamation of artistic influences, while embroidery and patterns combine to embody the dandyesque elegance of a globe-trotting woman.

Sweet Pants

The young French brand that reinterprets jogging in fashionable cuts.

Nabilla Beauty

With her brand Nabilla Beauty, I would like to allow every young girl and every woman to succeed in every moment of her life. Beautiful anytime!