WeTrust x Swildens

The Great Story Of Our project

Swildens, the french fashion brand with a unique style, came to us on 2019 as they looked to improve and redesign their website, as well as to open other markets and expand the brand.

Our client

Swildens was founded in 2006 by Juliette Swildens. Influences from the 70s, 80s and 90s have come to nourish her designs and fashion culture. Swildens’ identity is at once bohemian and chic, rock and classic – the brand blends codes of men’s wardrobe, Parisian chic, vintage, all with a touch of femininity. Some pieces have become iconic at Swildens: overalls, the man’s shirt, the bohemian skirt…

The challenge

The brand has a very marked style, very faithful to Juliette Swildens, which we had to understand and assume so that the advertising and newsletter campaigns could breathe what made them so special. Working with a brand that knows exactly what it wants is always a challenge and a joy, as all the teams bring in the most.


The web design was efficient and simple, but they wanted to add new features and details that make navigation easier. The points to be dealt with were mainly the category and product pages, which have undergone a significant transformation since we worked together. We also take care of the marketing, which requires a previous analysis and great understanding of the consumers of the brand to perform actions that are properly focused on the target audience.


A new design, more fluid and intuitive. Swildens style is enhanced while being fresher and more chic. The marketing actions of the brand maintain the essence of Swildens while acquiring new and different approaches to better achieve its goal. As a result, the growth of the brand globally has been +53% compared to last 2 years. In addition, the open markets this year have grown by +60% (ES), +148% (IT) and +100%(DE), results that exceed the objectives and that can be explained by our expertise in developing actions in new segments and understanding the right audience.

Results speak for themselves

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